Brian M. O’Leary


What to write in the bio, such a tough decision. I want something that will clearly communcate my value, to potential employers and clients. I want it to sound authentic and true to me. I don’t want it to be to be too cheesy and full of buzz words like, dynamic or detail-orientated. It should explain my skills and experience, expand on my resume, without becoming redundant. Most importantly, I want it to be clever, something memorable that stick out in peoples’ minds. So many goals for this little bio. Does anybody even read these things?

Perhaps I should include an inspirational quote, but which quote to chose?

I’m a skilled designer, with an unrelenting work ethic. Over 8 years of professional experience, working with a wide variety of clients across varying industries, has given me allowed me to develop an extensive and ever-expanding skill set. I’m constantly looking for the next challenge. Every project is an opportunity to learn something new, and become better at my craft.


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